Our Ward’s ‘Instant’ Choir

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“Our Ward’s ‘Instant’ Choir,” Ensign, Sept. 2008, 67

Our Ward’s “Instant” Choir

Gayle Spjut, Kentucky

When our ward choir sings in sacrament meeting, it sometimes seems there are more people in the choir than in our congregation. And they sing with spirit and enthusiasm even though they have not rehearsed together even once. How do they do it? They participate in our ward “instant” choir.

To attend practices before or after the meeting block or during the week would not be feasible for many in our ward. So our music leader, Sister Julie Lynch, chooses a favorite hymn and gives the ward a few weeks to practice it at home. On the third Sunday, everyone who wants to participate makes their way to the choir seats.

Instant choirs aren’t intended to replace traditional rehearsals and performances where they are feasible. But the idea might be considered one of several options to help “every ward and branch in the Church … have a choir that performs regularly” (Hymns, x).