Family Home Evening Helps: Helping Children Remember Him

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“Family Home Evening Helps: Helping Children Remember Him,” Ensign, Sept. 2008, 67

Family Home Evening Helps

Helping Children Remember Him

Amanda Noll, Washington

How do you convince four young children to sit reverently during Church meetings? For a long time, my attempts to do so were in vain. And my solution—toys—was often the cause of our distractions.

In an attempt to remedy the problem (or at least curb it), I came up with a useful family-night activity. I gave each child a small, inexpensive photo album, to be enjoyed only during sacrament meeting. I then provided various pictures of the Savior for them to cut out and paste throughout their albums.

Now on Sundays, my children eagerly anticipate the time they have to view their special books. Not only does our family benefit, but everyone seated near us can focus better too. The key part of our Sunday worship can and should be spiritually edifying for everyone, including our little ones.