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“Contents,” Ensign, Sept. 2008, 1–3


September 2008 Volume 38 • Number 9

Hope and Healing in Recovering from Abuse, p. 36

On the cover

Photograph by Jerry Garns

Using This Issue

Sing Primary songs. In “Primary Songs Blessed Me” (p. 55), author Jennifer Lynn talks about the power of music in her life. Did you know that you can order the Primary songbook, as well as recordings of the music (with or without words) online? Visit www.ldscatalog.com.

Remember your conversion. Several articles in this issue focus on the power of personal conversion (see pp. 44, 50, 52, and 58). Think about your own conversion and record your thoughts about the strength it has brought to your life.

Build family relationships. It can be easy to take for granted the people closest to us, but that need not be the case. See pages 4, 10, 16, 23, and 58 for ideas on and examples of nurturing relationships.