Hi, I’m New

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“Hi, I’m New,” Ensign, Sept. 2008, 67

“Hi, I’m New”

Josi Kilpack, Utah

In our first six years of marriage, my husband and I moved five times, so we had a lot of practice getting to know people in each new ward. We quickly learned that if we waited for others to make us feel at home we might have to wait a long time. But it wasn’t that way when we did our part. Here are some ideas for getting to know people in a new ward.

Show up. Though it may seem intimidating to attend a new ward, go the first Sunday you’re there. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. Along with your Sunday meetings, do your best to support home, family, and personal enrichment activities, youth activities, and other ward get-togethers.

Speak up. Don’t be afraid to offer your insights during class. Sharing your thoughts and life experiences within the context of the lessons is an excellent way to let others get to know you.

Sign up. There are many opportunities to serve in your new ward. Whether it’s taking someone a meal, saying a class prayer, making a dessert, or helping to clean the meetinghouse, be eager to volunteer. This not only gives you the opportunity to serve, but it also puts you in contact with others who wouldn’t have known to ask for your help otherwise.

Clean up. When you attend activities and complete the service you signed up for, stay a little longer to help clean and put things away. This shows you are interested in being part of the ward family. It also gives you the opportunity to meet more people.

Meet up. Introduce yourself to the new bishop as soon as possible. We found it helpful to pay tithing on our first visit. It opens the door for conversation and demonstrates commitment to gospel covenants.