Especially for Sunday

    “Especially for Sunday,” Ensign, Feb. 2005, 72

    Especially for Sunday

    Sometimes we focus on the “thou shalt nots” regarding Sabbath observance. Fortunately, when I was a teen, my parents helped me see all the things I could do on this special day of the week. Emphasizing the numerous appropriate Sunday activities can help your family members learn to love the Sabbath day.

    I remember watching Church videos together, listening to good music, and playing trivia games with Church history and scripture clues. Our family also decided upon a list of books that we would read only on Sundays, so all week we looked forward to reading them—individually or together. Visits to grandparents and other loved ones were also Sunday highlights. We often met in family councils or enjoyed an undisturbed half-hour interview with our father. Sometimes when the weather was nice, we enjoyed sitting as a family outside on the lawn, swapping stories until it grew dark.

    I have fond memories of Sunday family togetherness, and I look forward to this sacred day each week. In the words of a beloved hymn, I truly “welcome [each] Sabbath morning,” for I know it is a “rest from every care” (“Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning,” Hymns, no. 280).

    Deborah Whitehead Holm, Green Park Ward, Lehi Utah Stake