Fourteen Is Young

    “Fourteen Is Young,” Ensign, Feb. 2005, 61

    Fourteen Is Young

    Fourteen is young

    to yearn for wisdom,

    to study, ponder,

    and ask for answers

    that will change a world.

    But early in greening grove

    of a Palmyra spring,

    youthful limbs

    in outgrown homespun

    bend among fresh ferns

    unfolding on the forest floor.

    A voice speaks fervently,


    Evil, slithering

    through confusion

    of decaying leaves,

    strikes suddenly,

    binds the tongue,

    strangles the inquiry—

    Which one … ?

    Struggling against

    impending doom,

    the sinking supplicant

    prays more earnestly,


    Eternity opens.

    Descending light

    dispels the gloom.

    Believing eyes behold

    both the Father

    and the Son.

    Fourteen is young

    to disturb the powers

    of darkness,

    to learn who God is,

    who we are, and

    what we may become.

    Photograph by Susan Goines, Superstock; inset: Joseph Smith’s First Vision, by Greg K. Olsen, may not be copied