“Contents,” Ensign, Feb. 2005, 1


    February 2005

    Volume 35, Number 2

    Cover: Photography by Craig Dimond, posed by models.

    Inside front cover: By Small Means, by Jeffrey H. Craven. May not be copied. In this baptismal scene, which has been painted as a small part of the larger landscape, the artist depicts a fulfillment of 1 Nephi 16:29, “that by small means the Lord can bring about great things.” Though small ripples rolled out from these early baptisms, in reality the results of these events brought about “great things” in the lives of Latter-day Saints worldwide.

    Inside back cover: Memory Grove, by Al Rounds. May not be copied. This view of the Salt Lake Temple in the early winter after its dedication on April 6, 1893, is from a peaceful area northeast of the temple near what is now known as Memory Grove.