Family Home Evening Helps: Primary Theme Home Evening

    “Family Home Evening Helps: Primary Theme Home Evening,” Ensign, Feb. 2005, 73

    Family Home Evening Helps: Primary Theme Home Evening

    Did you know that a lesson outline for teaching your Primary-age children at home is available? Your local Primary leaders do! It’s the annual Primary program outline, available at Church distribution centers or from your local Primary leaders. Each year a main theme is selected, along with supporting monthly themes, pertinent scriptures, and song selections. Also included are Sharing Time ideas, which can easily be adapted for use in family home evenings. And there’s little concern of duplicating what your children learn in Primary, since the outline suggests more ideas than leaders can use. Conversing with your children each Sunday about what they learned in Primary, specifically Sharing Time, should give you a pretty good idea of what outline suggestions have been used. But some repetition can be an effective teaching method.

    Each issue of the Friend magazine also supports the monthly Primary themes. Of course, families may choose other topics pertaining to their needs, but many lesson ideas are already provided in these great resources.

    We have found that preparing for our home evenings has been much easier since we started using the Primary outline. More important, our young children have been blessed to have the principles that are taught at Church reinforced in our home.

    Pamela Richardson, North Pole Ward, Fairbanks Alaska Stake

    Illustrated by Joe Flores