Using Children’s Art

“Using Children’s Art,” Ensign, July 2001, 71

Using Children’s Art

Wards that use preprinted sacrament meeting covers can save money by photocopying the artwork of the Primary children. In our ward, this idea has also increased the children’s excitement about sacrament meeting.

To accomplish this, our Primary has one sharing time early in the year in which the children illustrate a favorite scripture story or gospel topic in pencil. The ward librarians darken the art and photocopy the program information on the blank side. Other covers are sometimes used, but the ward members anticipate each delightful contribution from the children. The response of our ward members has been wonderful, and the children are happy to play a small part in sacrament meeting.—Patsy Shipley, Idaho Falls 26th Ward, Idaho Falls Idaho Central Stake

Illustrated by Joe Flores