Primarily for Family

“Primarily for Family,” Ensign, July 2001, 71

Primarily for Family

We have had success in our family home evenings by basing our lessons on the Primary theme for the month. Our children, ages three to nine, grasp the concepts more quickly because of the uniformity between lessons taught in family home evening, Primary, and in the Church magazines. Some articles in the Friend correspond to these monthly themes.

We also choose songs from the Children’s Songbook to match the lesson topics. Often, we find that these same songs are being practiced in Primary singing time. By singing these songs with our children during family home evening, they become more familiar with them and enjoy singing them in Primary and Church musical programs.

By focusing on the monthly Primary theme, we have found that our children are more familiar with the topics and scriptures being presented and are more involved in family home evening. Memorizing the monthly scriptures is also easier because of the charts printed in the Friend. We have found that even our three-year-old has been able to memorize several short scriptures.

Other helpful resources for planning a successful family home evening are the Family Home Evening Resource Book (item no. 31106, U.S., $5.00) and Family Home Evening video supplements (53276, 53277, $5.00 each). These resources may also be checked out from ward or branch libraries.

By applying these practices in our lives, our children receive valuable instruction during family home evening that allows their testimonies and ours to grow.—Gib and Kimberly Condie, Powell Third Ward, Cody Wyoming Stake

Illustrated by Beth M. Whittaker