“Comment,” Ensign, July 2001, 80


Healing from Sexual Abuse

Thank you for having the courage to publish the article “Healing the Spiritual Wounds of Sexual Abuse” (Apr. 2001). I’ve been in and out of Church activity for the past 15 years due to my feelings of guilt and inadequacy resulting from the abuse I suffered as a child. This article has given me the strength to make an appointment to talk with my bishop and seek his counsel. I know that this powerful, honest article will help many other victims of abuse.

Name Withheld

Strengthened by Kenyan Pioneers

“Pioneering in Chyulu, Kenya” (Feb. 2001) was one of the most inspirational articles I have read. The brothers and sisters in Kenya are truly pioneers. The trials, obstacles, and miracles taking place there are unforgettable. My testimony was strengthened as I soon realized how blessed many of us are and how we sometimes take for granted the ease with which we go about our daily lives.

Kathy Ord
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada