“Contents,” Ensign, July 2001, 1


July 2001

Volume 31 Number 7

On the covers: Front: Photo of scriptures by Matt Reier. Image composed electronically. [illustration] Back: Detail from The Second Coming, by Harry Anderson.

Inside front: The Chosen Seer and the “Well-Beloved Brother,” by Robert T. Barrett, oil on canvas, 15″ x 21″, 1999. The Prophet Joseph Smith and President Brigham Young each drew strength from their association. The Prophet came to rely on the man called in revelation “Dear and well-beloved brother, Brigham Young” (D&C 126:1). President Young testified that his leader “was all that any man could believe him to be, as a true Prophet” (Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1801–1844, ed. Elden J. Watson [1968], 4).

Inside back: Carry On, by Glen S. Hopkinson, oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″, 1997. Courtesy of M. Anthony and Joyce Burns. As Latter-day Saint pioneers migrated westward, the Lord counseled that special provisions be made for widows and families without fathers (see D&C 136:8). Pioneer women were called upon to show great courage, resourcefulness, and stamina as they helped move their families to settlements in the western United States.