Our Own Home Commandments
March 1999

“Our Own Home Commandments,” Ensign, Mar. 1999, 64

Our Own Home Commandments

We found that by letting our children help us make a list of 10 home commandments, they were more interested in trying to live up to them. We posted the list and have referred to it often.

  1. Love God—even more than friends or toys.

  2. Worship God—try to learn His teachings.

  3. Talk nicely—don’t yell or sass others.

  4. Keep Sunday holy—make it a happy and peaceful day.

  5. Love and obey parents—do chores before being reminded.

  6. Control your feelings—don’t fight or hurt others.

  7. Be clean and modest—keep your body covered, and wash it often.

  8. Respect property—don’t take things without asking or break things that belong to others.

  9. Tell the truth—be honest.

  10. Be content with what you have—feel gratitude, and remember to thank others. Don’t envy others’ toys or brag about your own.—Patricia Harwood, Malad, Idaho