March 1999

“Comment,” Ensign, Mar. 1999, 80


“God Setteth the Solitary in Families”

I was touched by the article regarding those who join the Church alone (“‘God Setteth the Solitary in Families,’” Dec. 1998). I am one of those members. I joined the Church at age 15. I was moved to tears when I read the article. I know so well those feelings of enjoying a tender moment of inspiration but not having anyone to share it with, or at least not someone as intimate as a family member.

I am now happily married eternally to a wonderful man and have been blessed with three children so far. I hope to pass on my experiences and testimony to my children so they may understand and be sensitive to those who join the Church without much support.

Janet Carver
Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington

Teens and Credit

Congratulations on publishing the article on teen credit and the abuse of it (“Teaching Teens about Credit,” Dec. 1998, 61). Credit is very important and usually always necessary when you purchase a home. Businesses use credit routinely. Credit card debt, however, that is carried over from month to month is, in my opinion, a curse. Please continue publishing practical articles on everyday living.

Thomas R. Pocock
Fairfax, Virginia

“Solace through Sacred Music”

Thank you for “Solace through Sacred Music” by Karen R. Merkley (July 1998 Ensign). I have often wanted to express thanks to the inspired writers of hymns and composers of music. My own testimony of my Heavenly Father’s love for me is strengthened when in times of doubt, loneliness, or confusion an appropriate hymn comes into my mind, bringing with it relief from worry.

David W. Airey
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada