A Day in the Park
March 1999

“A Day in the Park,” Ensign, Mar. 1999, 64

A Day in the Park

At the beginning of each summer, our ward Relief Society presidency prints up a list of local parks that we may want to visit on a certain day each week during the summer. The list includes information about the park and directions to get there. We arrive at the different parks midmorning, and mothers and children bring their own picnic lunch and any needed play equipment to have fun in that park. Each mother is responsible for her own children and for leaving the park clean.

Through the years we have continued to find new and fun parks to include on our list. Some parks we have visited have beaches, play toys, swimming areas, or petting zoos. Our children look forward to this day each week when they get to play with friends from the ward, and many mothers have developed or deepened friendships through this activity.—Jeanne Ellerbeck, Everett, Washington

Illustrated by Joe Flores