A Date to Remember
March 1999

“A Date to Remember,” Ensign, Mar. 1999, 64

A Date to Remember

As president of the Jordan River Temple, I often notice couples coming hand in hand to the temple on their wedding anniversary. These couples come to remind themselves of the sacred promises made and to relive special memories.

To those who wish to revisit the temple on their wedding anniversary, the following ideas might be helpful.

  • Plan so you can have an unhurried experience in the temple.

  • Make arrangements ahead of time to do a sealing session, and appreciate once again the beautiful words of the sealing ceremony. This can be a rich experience that can strengthen your commitment to your marriage.

  • If time permits, consider participating in initiatory ordinances or an endowment session, listening carefully to the wording of the ordinances as you recommit yourselves to keeping your covenants.

  • Spend some extra minutes in the celestial room holding hands and recalling the sweet feelings that first brought you together.

Going to the temple on your anniversary not only sets an ideal for your children or grandchildren but also offers an opportunity to share with them your testimony of temple marriage as you talk or write to them about your feelings.—LeGrand R. Curtis, President of the Jordan River Temple

Illustrated by Julianne Allen