There Will Be No Problem
March 1999

“There Will Be No Problem,” Ensign, Mar. 1999, 54

“There Will Be No Problem”

After my wife, Luisa, and I were baptized in our hometown of Portimão, Portugal, our study of gospel principles became intense. We prayed earnestly for direction, and the witness we received strengthened us in our journey along the gospel course. A year later we decided to receive the greater blessings available in the temple. We wanted to be sealed to each other and to our son, Nuno, and our daughter, Sandra, who was born only two weeks before a scheduled temple trip.

During little Sandra’s first checkup, Luisa asked the doctor if our baby could withstand the rigors of the long trip to Switzerland. The doctor recommended that we not take her, and it seemed that fulfillment of our dream to be sealed as an eternal family might have to be postponed.

To add to our worries, Luisa’s doctor found a breast tumor that might require surgery. Luisa received a priesthood blessing, and we were grateful and surprised when within three days the tumor disappeared.

One of the blessings of joining the Church has been learning that we can speak to God our Father and feel His comforting influence in our lives. Following Luisa’s healing, we felt the Lord was mindful of our difficulties, so we determined to ask in prayer if we might risk the temple trip with its possible dangers to our baby.

A few days before we were scheduled to depart, Luisa sat pondering our temple trip and praying silently during a Sunday School class. As she meditated, a picture came to her mind of the Savior holding little Sandra in His arms, carrying her toward the Swiss Temple. Tears came to her eyes, and she received a feeling of assurance that we could and should go to the temple.

The following Saturday we traveled to Lisbon to board a bus for the temple excursion. Some of the waiting passengers commented on the dangers of taking such a young infant, and my wife began to worry again about our daughter’s safety. Then, before boarding, our temple group gathered quietly and humbly asked the Lord to bless us on our trip. As I took my seat on the bus, I felt a deep sense of peace wash over me. I knew with a surety that what we were doing was pleasing to the Lord and that He was watching over our little family. I turned to my wife and said, “There will be no problem.”

Indeed, all went well with our baby. And when we arrived at the temple, Luisa found it to be exactly as she had seen it in her mind the previous week. It was a great privilege to be sealed, and we are grateful to Heavenly Father for guiding us despite our many worries.

  • Carlos Cabral, a member of the Faro Branch, serves as president of the Algarve District, Portugal Lisbon South Mission.