Making Handouts Count

    “Making Handouts Count,” Ensign, Mar. 1994, 73

    Making Handouts Count

    Giving handouts can be an effective way to share information in Church teaching situations. Here are some questions and ideas that can help you determine what kind of handouts would be best as you prepare handouts for your classes.

    1. Does your handout truly reinforce an important point or supplement the lesson in a meaningful way?

    2. Is a handout the best way to get the point across? A poster or chalkboard display might be more effective and easier to prepare and present.

    3. Using handouts occasionally may be more meaningful for your students than using this method every week.

    4. Adding simple artwork or an attractive border, or even using colored paper, can add to the handout’s appeal.

    5. Create handouts with information of lasting value. Design them to be easily filed for future reference.

    6. Is your handout appropriate for the age level of your students?

    7. Is your treatment of the subject in good taste? By using a “cute” approach or inappropriate humor, your handout might actually demean a sacred principle.

    8. Would a half or a quarter sheet of paper suffice rather than a whole sheet?

    A handout can be an effective teaching tool. Used well, it can help class members learn and remember gospel principles.—Mark E. Andersen, Billings, Montana

    Photography by Matthew Reier; photo props by David McDonald