Sharing Gospel Lessons

    “Sharing Gospel Lessons,” Ensign, Mar. 1994, 70

    Sharing Gospel Lessons

    In Quito, Ecuador, Ivani Cabral appreciates what the gospel has done in her life and in the lives of those she loves.

    “The most beautiful thing the Church offers me,” she says, “is the knowledge of how to care for my children and husband—in both temporal and spiritual senses.” Ivani is grateful for her husband, Osiris Grobel Cabral, who holds and honors the priesthood. She and Osiris, a regional representative and regional manager for temporal affairs for Ecuador, have five children.

    Trained as an elementary school teacher, Sister Cabral has also devoted much of her time to working with other women, helping teach them how to care for their own and their families’ health and welfare. She sees the enormous change the gospel brings into people’s lives and cites the case of women in their ward whose lives, because of the gospel, are now much different from the lives of those around them.

    As Primary president in the Iñaquito Ward, Quito Ecuador Iñaquito Stake, Sister Cabral finds joy in serving others.

    Sister Cabral’s service in the Church and in the community have convinced her that people’s lack of education and their tendency to cling to old habits keep them from progressing as they could. “You can see it among members as well as others,” she says. “Where there’s more education, I see more progress. As I fulfill callings in Relief Society and Primary, I sometimes feel like a social worker in the hands of the Lord.”