Converted Couple

    “Converted Couple,” Ensign, Mar. 1994, 69

    Converted Couple

    Rod and Sandy Seagle are converts to the Church. And it changed their lives.

    The Seagles were living in Mesa, Arizona, in 1978 when Rod became an environmental technician for the Coronado power plant near St. Johns. They moved to St. Johns shortly after he was hired, living there long enough to learn about the Church and be baptized.

    “It was during conversations at lunch with two men who have since become dear friends that I first gained an interest in the Church,” recalls Rod. “Ken Whiting and John Haws shared all sorts of ideas, and I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say.”

    One lunchtime, one of them said blithely, “Say, Rod, when are you going to join the Church, anyway?”

    Rod’s response surprised them: “When you guys can teach me the missionary discussions, I’ll listen.” Before long, John Haws was called to serve as a stake missionary and was teaching Rod and Sandy the discussions.

    Ten months later, Rod, a new member of the Church, was second counselor in the elders quorum. He then served as elders quorum president for three years and is now elders quorum president in the Red Mountain Ward, Mesa Arizona Red Mountain Stake. Sandy serves as Relief Society compassionate service leader.

    “I’m grateful for the way the Church gets you out in front of people,” she says. “Having been shy all my life, I would never have seen myself as any kind of leader. Joining the Church has been a wonderful change.”

    “My conversion to the Church completely changed what I want for my family,” says Rod. “The gospel has changed what we think is important for our family. And one of the things most important to us has become our time together. Doing fun things with our children is our main hobby.”