“Comment,” Ensign, Mar. 1994, 80


    Uncle John Touched Lives

    Thank you for “Spencer Kimball and Recharging the Battery” (Dec. 1993). President Kimball was such an example and inspiration to the world. I was happy to discover that this story was also about John Whiting. When I was a young girl, Uncle John (as many of us called him) was one of the leaders in the Palm Springs Ward. He touched many of our lives and was responsible for many great events in our ward, especially with the youth. He was generous, loving, hardworking, and the best storyteller ever. But most importantly, he shared his love of the gospel with us and helped strengthen many testimonies. Reading about him was truly a treat and brings back many special memories.

    Allison Rohner Frame
    Vista, California

    Ensign on Tape

    I wish to express my thanks and appreciation for the Ensign on tape. For years I have marveled at the spiritual and uplifting articles that have come from this treasured magazine.

    Since my sight began to fail, I have wondered how I could possibly continue to enjoy this choice magazine. Through the kindness of a neighbor, I am now continuing to enjoy and appreciate all the Ensign has to offer.

    Jesse Dalley
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Anxious to Serve Others

    Thank you for “Helping and Being Helped by the Intellectually Impaired,” a sensitive article about those with intellectual impairments (Oct. 1993). I appreciated not only the personal stories, but the quality of the up-to-date research and information. I look forward to reading more articles of this type.

    I have a daughter with Down syndrome who enjoyed reading the article as well. She is anxious to serve others and was very drawn to the examples in your article of service by those with intellectual impairments.

    Patricia H. Nielsen
    Provo, Utah

    Emulating Christ Is Most Powerful Lesson

    In the December 1993 Ensign, J. Brad Burton responded to a question about helping others with personal problems.

    I had several thoughts as I read this piece. Discomfort at another’s personal problem is an opportunity not to be missed; there are things I can do with my discomfort that will bless me as well as maximize the chance of influence for good.

    First, I can look at my own weaknesses. I can look at my own feelings and listen to them carefully, as well as carefully examine my motives. Being clear and honest about motives is what matters first.

    I can also look at things I can change about me. I can help through my example as I face and seek help for my personal pain and weaknesses. It’s also important to understand the blessings that can come from patiently waiting on God’s time. His miracles have always been more exciting than any noble or heroic service I may do on my own.

    Finally, it’s important to look and listen to the messages clothed in another’s behavior. All human behavior is a communication or expression of some message.

    Others’ personal problems and our reactions are unique opportunities to learn and grow. Also, our example of listening, looking, and caring is the best single thing we can do for another. Someone emulating Christ is the most powerful lesson and help.

    Paul L. Williams
    San Antonio, Texas