The Compliment Board
December 1993

“The Compliment Board,” Ensign, Dec. 1993, 63

The Compliment Board

A poster emblazoned with the bright words “I Saw Someone Do Something Great” hangs on our refrigerator. A pen swings beside it. And filling the poster in as many different handwritings as there are people in our family are notes describing family members’ good behavior: “Laura has a great smile.” “Derek wrote a funny story.” “Jeff said, ‘I don’t want to fight right now.’” “Natalie got an A on her algebra test.”

Some writers compliment others in the family, and some jot down a few of their own accomplishments lest they be overlooked!

On Sunday mornings after breakfast, we go over the list for the week, reading all of each person’s entries at once and following with enthusiastic applause. As we do so, the Spirit warms our household. Not only are we looking for and seeing the best in each other (so we have something to write down), but prized behaviors are repeated!

In one family home evening lesson, we used our new skills of sharing good things about each other. Each person picked another’s name out of a hat and, reflecting on that person’s qualities and accomplishments, wrote a letter of recommendation to a possible future employer.

We read each letter aloud, chuckling and enjoying each other’s comments. For a few seconds at the end, we all paused and looked around our circle. A tender spirit of love and acceptance enfolded our family. Everyone positively glowed!—Christy Williams, Bellevue, Washington