The Book of Christmas Past
December 1993

“The Book of Christmas Past,” Ensign, Dec. 1993, 64

The Book of Christmas Past

Tradition is important in our family, especially at Christmas. This year we added a new tradition to our Christmas Eve festivities that promises to become one of our favorites. I decided it would be fun to go back over my journals and compile each of the family Christmas entries into one special book. The idea was a great success. The children loved hearing about Christmas celebrations held before they were born. They cheered as they heard of the time when each successive baby entered the Christmas scene. We all enjoyed reminiscing and sharing a warm feeling of family togetherness as we talked about Christmas memories.

Even if you’ve never written about past Christmases, it’s not too late to start. Write about this year, then continue on: the more details, the better. Record the good Christmases—the time when Grandma and Grandpa made a surprise visit—and the not-so-good ones—the year the pipes froze and flooded the dining room. As you record the events of each holiday season, mention each child’s age and anything special about him or her that particular year—mention, for example, that a child’s front teeth are missing. Make a note about new pets, new babies, or both (one year our pet guinea pig had six babies on Christmas Eve). Record favorite gifts and favorite guests. Then spice it up with a few pictures, and you’ll have the makings of a fun family tradition that gets better every year.—Geanie M. Roake, South Jordan, Utah

Photography by Matthew Reier; photo props by David McDonald