All of a Kind Family
December 1993

“All of a Kind Family,” Ensign, Dec. 1993, 57

All of a Kind Family

Cheryl and Steve Worsley of the Santa Anita Ward, Arcadia California Stake, had a family of daughters ranging in age from twenty-six to ten—until they discovered Romania. “Our two little Romanian sons were sent to our home straight from heaven,” says Cheryl. “We can now see the hand of the Lord so clearly as he guided us to these dear little boys.”

A busy and accomplished family of musicians and performers, the Worsleys learned from Cheryl’s sister, De Anne, that hundreds of Romanian orphans were being put up for adoption.

“So after looking into it,” Cheryl says, “five couples—Steve and I and my three sisters and brother and their spouses—all went to Bucharest to make arrangements to adopt children. Four couples came home with two children each, and one family with three.”

Because of the lengthy adoption process, Cheryl remained in Bucharest for almost two months.

Each week, the Worsleys invited their driver, who took them to Church meetings, to attend with them. They also invited their landlady, Doina Biolaru, to join them. Since then, Doina has been baptized and now serves as the branch Relief Society president. Brother Worsley baptized her and the driver, Octavian Vasilesku, who is now the Bucharest branch president.

The Worsleys’ two little sons, Florin and Chance, have nine Romanian cousins in the nearby Pasadena stake. Not only will their adopted parents see that they never go hungry, but the Worsleys will see that their sons are spiritually fed and prepared to perform their own missions in life.

No longer a family of all girls, the Worsleys remain “all of a kind”—a very kind family.

Photo by Tonya A. Evatt