Basic Music Course Now Available
December 1993

“Basic Music Course Now Available,” Ensign, Dec. 1993, 66

Basic Music Course Now Available

The completion of the basic music course, which contains training material to teach music skills, is now available at Church distribution centers.

“What this means is that anyone can now learn to play the piano and conduct the hymns,” explained Michael M. Moody, chairman of the Church General Music Committee. “The course assumes no prior musical knowledge or experience. Everything an individual needs to develop those skills is in the Conducting Kit and the Keyboard Kit.”

The Conducting Kit includes a manual and audiocassette with easy-to-follow instructions on learning conducting skills. The Keyboard Kit includes a manual, audiocassette, simplified hymnbook, music note cards, cardboard keyboard, and a carrying sack. The simplified hymnbook, which contains sixty standard hymns arranged in two and three parts, is also available separately.

Supplemental items include an electronic keyboard, which is powered by either batteries or electric current (adapter is included) and a five-line chalk holder to help music teachers create musical examples on the chalkboard.

However, the basic music course, which has been successfully pilot-tested in several different parts of the world, need not be taught by a teacher. Although it works well in an organized Church program, the course can also be used by an individual or a family in the home.

“Part of the benefit of the course is that it not only provides a necessary function for our church worship but it also builds personal characteristics like discipline and endurance, not to mention the refining of personal talents and skills,” noted Brother Moody.

The basic music course materials are available in English now, with other languages to follow.