December 1993

“Contents,” Ensign, Dec. 1993, 1


December 1993

Volume 23 Number 12

On the cover: Holy Family, by Judy Law, pastel, 19″ x 24″, 1991.

Inside front cover: The Annunciation, by Robert T. Barrett, oil on canvas, 22″ x 28″, 1987.

Inside back cover: Russian Beginnings, inset photo taken in the spring of 1993. Background photo by Bruce L. Grandin/The Stock Solution. The entry of the Church into Russia was one of the remarkable events of the past several decades. Inset: Here in this room in the Spartacus Square Theater in Moscow, the Church’s Russian Religious Association was created on 23 March 1991, which resulted in the 28 May 1991 recognition of the Church throughout Russia. Here also, on 24 March 1991, was established the first Russian-led Moscow branch of the Church. Pictured above are early members of the Church in Moscow. Left to right: The six members of the Boris and Vera Mokhov family. Center: Galina Goncharova, the first Russian baptized in Moscow, baptized 10 June 1990; Andrei and Elena Petrov holding their two children. Right: Sergei and Tatiana Martynova and their son. Brothers Petrov, Martynova, and Mokhov were the first Russian members of the Moscow district presidencies. This photography was taken in the spring of 1993; background scenic view of Moscow is by Bruce L. Grandin/The Stock Solution.