Dads Need Love, Too
June 1988

“Dads Need Love, Too,” Ensign, June 1988, 68–69

Dads Need Love, Too

“Dad, can I have a new blouse for the dance?”

“Dad, I need money to register for Scout camp.”

“Dad, give me a dollar. Shelly has some neat stickers, and I want some, too.”

Weary from a day at the office, Dad comes home for some appreciation and peace and is met with “Gimme, gimme, I want, I want.” Is it any wonder he asks himself in exasperation, “Am I just a money machine around here?”

On the other hand, suppose Dad were met with “Hi, Dad! Am I glad to see you! How’s your day been? I can hardly wait to show you my papers from school—I got a hundred percent on my spelling test!”

When our family found ourselves beginning to take Dad for granted, we decided to emphasize our appreciation and love for him. Here are some of the ways we have tried:

  1. We give Dad opportunities to use the priesthood in our home. We ask for father’s blessings in times of stress or sickness, we study together as a family, and we pray often. I also encourage the children to pray for Dad that he might be protected and lead us wisely and righteously.

  2. Because my example and attitudes help determine those of the whole family, I make the effort to openly honor my husband. When he comes home each night, I greet him with a smile and a hug and ask about his day. I also express my appreciation for him frequently in our children’s presence.

  3. When Dad leaves for work each morning, we give him kisses and hugs.

  4. We compliment him—on the way he dresses or combs his hair, his wonderful smile, and the cologne he uses.

  5. We learned more about what he does when he’s away from home. During a family home evening trip to his office, we saw firsthand what he does there.

  6. We have surprised Dad with unusual gifts—subpoenas (delivered by a neighbor) to after-dinner hugs, a membership to the “Society of Special Fathers,” coupons for favors, notes for his lunch, treats, and artwork.

  7. Our “Daddy, I Love You” party was a highlight. We decorated the kitchen and dining room with balloons and crepe paper and made a large sign that said “Dad, we love you” and a sign with the menu—Dad’s favorite foods—on it. We baked a cake and sang “Happy Daddy’s Day” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”

Showing Dad we love and appreciate him has built a wonderful spirit of unity in our family.—Faye A. Daley, Lake Villa, Illinois