June 1988

“Appointments,” Ensign, June 1988, 79–80


Temple Presidents

Thomas G. Bell of Kensington, Maryland, has been called to preside over the Washington Temple. His wife, LaWana Kay Egbert Bell, will serve as matron. A retired health care association executive vice-president, President Bell has served as a bishop, a high councilor, and a counselor in a mission presidency. Sister Bell has served as a stake and ward Relief Society president.

Regional Representatives

Nice France, Paris France, and Brussels Belgium regions, Denis W. Bonny, integrated circuit layout designer, former stake president.

Kearns Utah and Jordan South Utah regions, Frank M. Bradshaw, Church Educational System administrator, former mission president, and former stake president.

Northern England Region, Peter Burnett, garage proprietor, former stake president.

Granger Utah Region, Spencer J. Condie, university professor, former stake president, mission president, and bishop.

Italy Milan Region, Christian Euvrard, area director for the Church Educational System, former mission president.

Germany Servicemen Region, Donald W. Harris, colonel, U.S. Army; former regional representative, stake president.

Roy Utah and Weber Utah regions, Luan Holley Ferrin, college professor, former stake president.

Alexandria Louisiana, Hattiesburg Mississippi, and New Orleans Louisiana regions, Jeff Jackson Horn, rancher, former stake president.

Lima Peru North Region, Jose M. Jimenez, Church area materials management manager, former patriarch.

Manila and Makati Philippines regions, Delfin T. Justiniano, insurance company senior vice president, former stake president.

South America North Region, Rene Loli, retired furniture business owner, former stake president.

London England Wandsworth Region, Brian Martin, accounting manager for an electronics company, former stake president.

St. George Utah Region, Kenneth Robertson Metcalf, mortuary owner, former mission president.

Valle Hermoso Mexico Region, Benjamin Morales, contractor, former patriarch and stake president.

Piedras Negras Mexico Region, Carlos Moreira, civil engineer, former stake president.

Kowloon Hong Kong Region, Kat Hing Ng, retired, former stake president, stake patriarch.

Bonneville Utah, Millcreek Utah, and Coalville Utah regions, Barlow L. Packer, dentist, former mission president.

Chile South and Talca Chile regions, Benigno H. Pantoja, engineer, former mission president.

Cochabamba Bolivia and Santa Cruz Bolivia regions, Carlos L. Pedraja, institute director, Church Educational System; former stake president.

Utah South Region, Richard Gordon Porter, home builder and realtor, former stake president, mission president, and bishop.

Lima Peru South Region, Teofilo Puertas, regional coordinator, Church Educational System; former stake president.

Vina Del Mar Chile Region, M. Gonzalo Sepulveda, insurance and real estate broker, former counselor in a stake presidency.

Santiago Chile East and Santiago Chile West regions, Hector Verdugo, telephone company employee, former stake president.

Cebu and Legaspi Philippines regions, Reynaldo I. Vergara, names processing supervisor, former stake patriarch, mission president, and bishop.

Montevideo Uruguay and Durazno Uruguay regions, Jorge Washington Ventura, associate area director, Church Educational System; former stake president.