Nine New Missions Formed
June 1988

“Nine New Missions Formed,” Ensign, June 1988, 77

Nine New Missions Formed

The First Presidency has announced the creation of nine new missions.

The new missions are Brazil Belo Horizonte, Chile Antofagasta, Colombia Barranquilla, Liberia Monrovia, Mascarene Islands, Mexico Puebla, Mexico Tampico, Philippines Quezon City West, and Spain Las Palmas.

The Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission was created from the Brazil Brasilia and Brazil Campinas missions.

The Chile Antofagasta Mission was formed by dividing the Chile Santiago North, Chile Santiago South, and Chile Vina del Mar missions. The new addition gives Chile a total of six missions.

The Colombia Bogota Mission was divided to create the new Colombia Barranquilla Mission.

Liberia was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel on 2 September 1987 by Elder Marvin J. Ashton of the Council of the Twelve. The new Liberia Monrovia Mission began operating on 1 Mar. 1988.

The Mascarene Islands Mission was created from the South Africa Johannesburg Mission. It includes islands with both English-speaking and French-speaking populations.

The Mexico Puebla Mission was formed by dividing the Mexico Mexico City East Mission, while the Mexico Tampico Mission was created from the Mexico Mexico City North and Mexico Monterrey missions.

Dividing the Philippines Baguio and Philippines Quezon City missions resulted in the creation of the new Philippines Quezon City West Mission.

The Spain Las Palmas Mission, headquartered in the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, was formed by dividing the Spain Seville and Portugal Porto missions.

While the Liberia Monrovia Mission has been functioning since March 1, the other eight missions will begin operations on July 1. The nine new units bring the number of missions worldwide to 221.

Map of new missions