Your Special Part in Blessing the Lives of Others

By Elder Ronald A. Rasband

You may know that one of my assignments as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is to work with other leaders of the Church to help oversee the messages and programs the Church prepares for you—the youth of the Church. I feel the Lord’s love for you, His children. I know that the Savior knows each of us, and He warmly invites us to come unto Him, one by one, and be perfected in Him.

During a recent visit with the Saints in the island nation of Cabo Verde, I had the opportunity to speak on camera about a few things that I would like to share with you.

Reaching the One

My dear young friends, God knows you, and He will use you in His great plan. Events will unfold in your lives that further God’s work on earth. What may appear to be a random chance is overseen by a loving Father in Heaven. The Lord is in the small details of your lives. He gives you opportunities to prepare you to lift others as you build the kingdom of God on earth.




You certainly don’t need to be an Apostle to reach out to the one. In fact, more than ever, Young Men and Young Women have the opportunity to bless the lives of those with whom they come into contact at church and in their communities.

By now, I expect you have heard the announcement at general conference that young women—as well as young men—can play a significant role in helping to minister to those around them.



Advice to Youth Who Struggle

Please know how important you are to the Lord. I know that you face challenges in today’s world. You may sometimes wonder how it is possible to live the Lord’s way when you are surrounded by other influences. My own grandchildren will sometimes ask me for advice about how to handle all of the issues that they—and you—face on a daily basis.



To all of our young friends, please remember that we love you. Never give up. Keep on trying. You will face challenges as you try to live the gospel, but do not forget, Heavenly Father knows and loves each of you, and He is always ready to help.