Primary General Presidency

Primary General Presidency, including President Susan H. Porter (center), First Counselor, Sister Amy Wright (left), and Second Counselor, Sister Tracy Y. Browning (right).

The Primary is an organization for children ages 18 months to 11 years. It teaches them the gospel of Jesus Christ and helps them build faith. The Primary General Presidency, which directs the Primary for the whole Church, consists of a president and two counselors. These three women work to strengthen children and families throughout the Church. Members of the Primary General Presidency travel frequently to meet with and teach Primary leaders and children throughout the world. They counsel with other general and local Church leaders to teach, serve, and watch over the children and families of the Church.

General and local Primary leaders help parents teach their children the gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare children for baptism. Primary also helps prepare children for service in the temple, which they can provide on a limited basis beginning at age 12. Primary helps children grow in their faith and develop their talents through participation in the Church’s Children and Youth program.

Children in Primary receive gospel instruction in Sunday meetings and learn valuable skills in weekday activities. The Primary General Presidency provides counsel, inspiration, and instruction to local Primary presidencies, who direct Primary instruction and activities for children in their congregation. The general presidency is assisted by members of the Primary General Advisory Council.