Young Women General Presidency

Emily Belle Freeman, Tamara W. Runia, and Andrea Munoz Spannaus

The Young Women organization helps young women learn about and live the gospel of Jesus Christ and increase their faith in Him. Young women serve others, build unity, and help accomplish God’s work. The Young Women General Presidency, which directs this organization for the whole Church, consists of a president and two counselors. These three women are responsible for supporting young women ages 12 to 18 as they serve in the Church and prepare to make temple covenants. Members of the Young Women General Presidency travel frequently to minister to Church members around the world and to strengthen the young women of the Church.

The Young Women General Presidency counsels with other general and local Church leaders to teach, serve, and watch over the young women of the Church. This includes providing opportunities for young women to grow and develop through Sunday instruction, weekly service and activities, and setting and achieving meaningful personal goals as they participate in the Church’s Children and Youth program. These efforts help young women build faith in Jesus Christ and strengthen their families, the Church, and their communities now and in the future.

On the congregational level, the Young Women organization is led by young women ages 12–18 who are called as class presidencies and leaders among their peers. Class presidencies are mentored by local adult Young Women presidencies. The Young Women General Presidency counsels, inspires, and instructs local Young Women presidencies, who serve the young women and direct the Young Women organization in their congregation. The general presidency is assisted by members of the Young Women General Advisory Council.