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We Can Do Better and Be Better

We can be better

How can the process of repentance help us to be better?

Relying on Christ’s Atonement

How can relying on Christ’s Atonement help you to come to know the Saviour?

Cleansed by Repentance

How can you be cleansed by repentance?

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Discover how you can find out for yourself if there is a God.

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Who is Jesus Christ?

Son of God

Jesus is the firstborn of God the Father in the spirit and is the only child of God in the flesh. His mortal mother, Mary, carried Him before He was born and raised Him while He was on earth. His mission was decided before the world was created.


Jesus was the greatest teacher to ever live, and He still teaches us today. At age 12, Jesus was found teaching doctors in the temple (see Luke 2:46). They were astonished at His knowledge. Jesus went on to teach great sermons throughout His life.


Jesus lived a perfect life—free from sin—and provided a perfect example for us to live by. All religious things should be done in His holy name.


The Hebrew name for Jesus is Jeshua, meaning “Savior.” Jesus fulfilled His role as Savior through His willing sacrifice and Resurrection.

Following Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ? Jesus is the Savior of the world. As we follow Him, we find greater peace and happiness in life.

Jesus Christ taught many things while He was on earth, the greatest of which was love.

Modern prophets and apostles talk about change and repentance