Who Is Jesus Christ?


The Role of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. As we come unto Him, He saves us, helps us feel His love, and brings us hope. His role is to save us and provide an example for us.

Why is Christ's role significant?

Millions of people know about Jesus Christ. Is it enough to know who Jesus is and His role in our Heavenly Father’s plan? That knowledge is really only the beginning.

Understanding and embracing Jesus Christ’s role as Savior is key to every Christian faith. And it requires more than having a theoretical belief that He lived and accomplished great things. It requires having confidence that He was indeed resurrected and that He suffered not only death but also spiritual pain for our sins.

Jesus felt the pain, guilt, and suffering we experience as a consequence of wrong choices. More importantly, He accepted responsibility and paid the price for our wrongdoings on earth—if we in turn sincerely repent and accept His commandments and divine role as Redeemer. When we do so, we are released from our sins. We can be spiritually clean and worthy to enter the presence of God.

That’s a complex concept—one that can be hard to fathom from our limited perspective. But it’s possible. The sublime peace that our Heavenly Father wants us to have is also available to us right now because of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

Lindsey Stirling on Jesus Christ

Lindsey Stirling battled an eating disorder that not only drove her actions but convinced her she was worthless. Through prayer she found the true Healer, who understood her and her “incurable disease.”

Kenneth Barber on Jesus Christ

“If you follow a compass after setting it properly it will take you exactly where you want to go, and that’s what Jesus Christ does for me.”

Mike Turvey on Jesus Christ

Wanting more from life, Mike Turvey set out hitchhiking with nothing but a hope that something worthwhile was out there. When he passed through Israel, his desire to learn more about Jesus Christ led him to discover what he had been searching for.

Elaine Bradley on Jesus Christ

Elaine Bradley describes her journey of creating a personal relationship with God and the vital role Jesus Christ plays in helping her each day.

How can I come closer to Christ?

While we cannot come unto Christ physically as the first disciples did, we can come unto Him by searching the scriptures. We can come to know of Him through the testimonies of living prophets and followers. We can be assured of His existence through the Comforter, the Holy Ghost.

“Most of us will not see God, as the prophets have, but the still, small promptings of the Spirit—the thoughts and feelings that the Holy Ghost brings into our minds and hearts—will give us an undeniable knowledge that He lives and that He loves us” (Robert D. Hales, “Seeking to Know God, Our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2009, 32).

Jesus Christ knows each of us personally. If we but reach out, we can know Him too.