Grow Closer to God through Prayer. Learn How with Missionaries.

God wants to hear from you no matter what you’re going through. We’d love to pray with you and help you strengthen your relationship with God through study and worship. Request a visit.

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Real People Share How God Has Guided Them through Prayer

“I knelt in prayer and basically just poured my heart out and told God that I really needed His help. This overwhelming feeling of peace completely surrounded me and all the feelings of unrest, pain, negativity—they were completely gone.”
“The missionaries finally said to me, ‘If you want to know if this is true … don’t take our word for it. Go to the source of all truth.’ And that’s what I did. When I asked God if what they were telling me was true, it brought a feeling of love, joy, and peace.”
“We don’t just pray when things are going good. We’re supposed to pray when things are hard. We’re supposed to pray when we don’t want to. Because He knows us; He knows our heart. He knows all of our trials, all of our sorrows, all of the pain that we’re going through. He already knows.”
“[After meeting with missionaries] I decided to go into my room and pray. I just felt this immense amount of warmth just spread through my whole body from my heart. And it was just like someone was hugging me. That feeling made me realize that I was doing the right thing.”

What to Expect from Your Visit

We’re excited to pray with you and talk about your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Here’s what your visit might be like:

Missionaries getting to know the people they’re visiting
We’ll get to know each other.
Missionaries praying with a woman before studying together
We’ll pray together.
Missionaries reading to a woman from the Book of Mormon
We’ll learn about prayer and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Two women greet each other at church
We’ll invite you to worship and pray with a loving church community.

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