How Do I Pray?

Huckleberry Finn was onto something when he said, “You can’t pray a lie.” When you think of how to pray, the important consideration is doing it honestly and sincerely. If those two elements are in place, God will make up for other limitations you might have, such as struggling to find the right words or running a little low on faith.

From the Scriptures

In the Book of Mormon, an ancient missionary named Aaron taught a powerful ruler about God. Listen to the ruler's works as he tried to pray for the first time.

As You Pray

Silent prayers are an important part of your relationship with God, but praying aloud has a special way of focusing your thoughts and making your prayers feel more real. If you’re new to prayer (or coming back to it), find a quiet place and try praying out loud. After all, prayer is how we talk to God, and most of us do our talking out loud. This can make your prayers feel less like a thought exercise and more like an actual conversation. When you can hear yourself praying, it makes it easier to know that God hears your prayers, too.

More Questions about Prayer

Question: Why do some say thee, thou, and thine when they pray?
Answer: It’s just a way of showing reverence. Thou and thee mean “you.” Thine means “your.”
Question: What if I forget a step?
Answer: No problem. As long as you’re sincere, God will fill in the blanks.
Question: Can I add something to a prayer after it’s over?
Answer: Go for it. God doesn’t stop listening just because you say “amen.”
Question: Should I pray in the morning or evening?
Answer: Both! Prayer is a great way to start and finish your day.


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