Who Do I Pray For?

You can pray for the people you love. The more you embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, the bigger that group becomes. So you may begin by praying for your family and friends to overcome the different physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges they’re facing. But like ripples on the water, your capacity to love can expand to include other people far outside your day-to-day circle of interactions. Perhaps this is best exemplified by Jesus Christ on the cross, praying for those that others would consider His enemies, asking His Father to forgive them.

But God can also help focus your prayers inward as you learn to better love yourself. You become more willing to call upon God for help, because you understand that as your Father, God loves you. He wants you to reach out to Him so He can bless you as only He can.

From the Scriptures

In the Book of Mormon, an ancient believer named Enos began praying for his own forgiveness. As he sincerely prayed, he received a witness that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ he was forgiven. But his prayer didn’t end there.

As You Pray

Not sure who to pray for? Then pray to know who you should pray for. Pay attention to the names you’re inspired to remember. God may surprise you with some unexpected choices. Also, as you pray for them by name, pay attention to feelings and thoughts that come to you about how to help them. God might inspire you about how you can be an answer to your own prayer.

More Questions about Prayer

Question: Do I have to pray for every person I know?
Answer: Not every time you pray. But why not give it a try once?
Question: Can I pray about normal, everyday stuff?
Answer: Yes. God cares about your life, even the normal, everyday stuff.
Question: What if I did something really bad?
Answer: Prayer is part of repentance. God will be glad to hear from you.
Question: What if I forget someone’s name?
Answer: Rest assured, God knows who you’re talking about.


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