Becoming like Jesus

Jesus Christ taught many things while He was on earth, the greatest of which was love. Explore principles taught by the Master Teacher, and learn how to become more like Him.


Because of Jesus’s sacrifice for us, we can all forgive and be forgiven.

Two women hug one another enjoying the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ
How Can I Forgive Others?

It’s not easy, but when we forgive, our burdens are lifted and we feel greater peace.

A woman sits overlooking a cliff contemplates the power and blessings of forgiveness
How Can I Receive Forgiveness from God?

Repentance brings forgiveness and healing through the power of Jesus Christ.

A man crosses His hands and kneels in prayer
How Can I Forgive Myself?

Sometimes we continue to be hard on ourselves long after God has forgiven us.

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Beatitudes, Parables, and Miracles

Jesus’s teachings, taught millennia ago, are still relevant in our lives today.

Jesus Christ holding a little child in His arms teaches that we must become as little children

Explore More Ways to Become like Jesus