Rejoice in the Limitless Potential Jesus Christ Offers YOU. Worship with Us This Easter.
Join us Easter Sunday—or any Sunday—as we sing, pray, and celebrate the Savior together.

We’re inviting you, your family, and everyone to gather with us during this sacred season to commemorate the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Discover how, because of His sacrifice 2,000 years ago, you have unlimited potential today.  

If it’s your first time attending one of our churches, try meeting up with missionaries beforehand! They can answer your questions, talk about our beliefs, and help you find a congregation in your area.

Meet with missionaries. We’ll introduce you to our church family and help you feel at home.

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First-time visitors share their experiences at church

What should I expect?

We want you to feel comfortable when you come to church with us on Easter. When you sign up to attend with missionaries, here’s what you’ll experience: 

  1. Missionaries will reach out to meet with you and talk to you about our basic beliefs and what you can expect on Sunday.
  2. They’ll make sure you know where the church is and what time it starts.
  3. On Easter, they’ll meet you there and introduce you to other members of the congregation. 
  4. They’ll sit with you during worship services as we celebrate the Savior with musical numbers and Christ-centered sermons.  
A congregation in the chapel

At church you can connect with God, find community, and grow closer to Jesus Christ. 

How We Celebrate Easter

During the Easter season, we take a little extra time to focus on Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for all humankind. We celebrate not just the significance of His death but also the grandeur of His life, Resurrection, and teachings. Throughout Holy Week, we reflect on our personal relationships with the Savior and decide how we’d like to adjust moving forward. Then, on Easter Sunday, we gather together to listen to special sermons and songs that center on Jesus. 

3 ways church can bless your life:


Connect with God

What we learn at church gives us guidance on how to follow God, improve our spirituality, and live better lives. As you listen to sermons and study God’s teachings, you will strengthen your relationship with Him. God wants to communicate with you, and church can be a sacred place where you can hear His voice in your heart and mind.  


Find community

Church is a community where we can socialize and support each other. During Sunday services and gospel study classes, you can learn from and be uplifted by friends who share your faith. You can meet new people, feel a sense of belonging, and build a support network that you can rely on.  


Grow closer to Jesus Christ

At church you can learn more about Jesus Christ alongside others who are striving, just like you, to grow closer to Him. You can find opportunities to love, serve, and study the life of Christ with a community that’s dedicated to following His example.

As you try to follow Jesus Christ before, during, and after the Easter season, missionaries can guide your way. They can meet with you in-person or online and help you discover the peace, comfort, and strength that come from living His gospel. To learn more about Jesus and His teachings, sign up to meet with missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How to prepare for church on Easter Sunday

  • Spend time studying the final moments of Jesus Christ’s life. Watch these Bible videos.
  • Ponder what His sacrifice means for you today.
  • Come to church ready to rejoice and celebrate the Savior.

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