Conference Center Events

This page contains parking information for major Conference Center events, including general conference, general priesthood and women’s sessions, and all other events and concerts held in the Conference Center main auditorium.

Where to Park

  • Conference Center event parking will generally be available at the four major parking facilities listed on the map below.
  • Parking lots become available for the event three hours before the start time of the event.
  • Parking is not available at the Conference Center parking facility for any major Church event.
  • Parking lots do fill quickly, and parking is not guaranteed.

Disability Parking

  • Disability parking is located in an above-ground parking lot on West Temple Street, immediately west of the Conference Center.
  • Disability patrons will need to enter West Temple Street from 200 North and head southbound. See the accompanying map.
  • Disability parking may fill quickly and is not guaranteed.

If Lots Fill or Are Not Available

  • As lots fill, or if they are not available, we encourage patrons to use the remaining overflow lots on the map.

Important Information

  • Please plan extra time for parking before a major Church event in the Conference Center. Patrons should expect to arrive well in advance of an event in order to find parking and be seated on time.
  • For more information on Church events, please visit

UTA Trax and Other Salt Lake City Parking

  • Downtown Salt Lake parking is another option, and more information is available at
  • We recommend that guests use the UTA Trax and bus systems wherever possible. Utilizing these public systems reduces traffic congestion downtown, eliminates the need for finding parking, and ensures a more timely arrival to your destination. Visit for more information about planning your trip downtown.