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Family History Library Discovery Center
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Location: Family History Library35 N West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
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The experience involves inputting information about you and your ancestors into touch screen kiosks or free-to-use iPads. The system then uses the vast databases of FamilySearch to provide insights into your ancestral homeland, the origins of your name, and the culture of your ancestors.

Visitors can then discover more with one of the center’s computer labs and access to additional databases with ancestral records. Skilled volunteers and service missionaries are available to assist and answer any questions. Research help is available in English, Spanish, and other languages.

Key Experiences

  • Search archival photographs from a world of different countries and cultures. 
  • Have your own picture taken at a kiosk, and see what you would have looked like while trading places with someone who lived at the time of your ancestors.
  • Track your own family history through multiple generations. 
  • Discover fascinating people you might be related to. 
  • Record your own personal family history individually or in a group. Set your home country as the backdrop using green-screen studio cameras, and send the video to personal devices for sharing. 
  • Do your own family research on one of the 40 lab computers connected to a database with billions of names and records. 
  • Learn how to load FamilySearch apps on a mobile device.

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