Temple Square Artifacts Exhibit

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Location: Conference Center60 North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Latter-day Saints strive to be united with each other and with Jesus Christ. Since 1847, Temple Square has been the spiritual center of a global Latter-day Saint community. This artifact exhibit provides understanding of how Latter-day Saints established a community in the Salt Lake Valley.

Some artifacts on display include:

  • A cane used by Church President Brigham Young to designate Temple Square as the center of the new community.
  • The original base and meridian stone that was placed on the southeast corner of Temple Square and has remained there for over 100 years.
  • Adobe brick that was used in the construction of the Temple Square wall.
  • A replica of the original Salt Lake Tabernacle pulpit.
  • A microphone used to record annual and semiannual general conferences as well as performances by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.
  • Temple Square and early Salt Lake City video footage, which includes leaders of the Church and others in the twentieth century.

Time to view: 10-20 minutes.

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