Gallery of Artwork of the Savior, Jesus Christ

Loaves and Fishes
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Tickets: Free, ticket not required
Location: Conference Center60 North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah

Art in this gallery provides an opportunity to contemplate the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Latter-day Saints strengthen their connections to the Savior in the Salt Lake Temple as well as other temples worldwide.

Images include:

  • Christ at the Pool of Bethesda (after Carl Bloch), Holdman Studios, stained glass, c. 2004; See John 5:2–4.
  • Triumphal Entry, oil on canvas, 2016, Jeff Hein, b. United States, 1974; See John 12:12–13.
  • A Believing Woman, oil on canvas, 2015, Caitlin Connolly, b. United States, 1986; See Matthew 9:20–22.
  • The Greatest of All, oil on canvas, 1987, Del Parson, b. United States, 1948; See Matthew 25:36–45.
  • Cristo CLV (part of a larger series), oil on panel, 2013, J. Kirk Richards, b. United States, 1976; See Isaiah 53:1–12.
  • At the Well, oil on canvas, 2014, Crystal Close, b. United States, 1962; SeeJohn 4:5–29.
  • Master the Tempest Is Raging, oil on board, 2001, Walter Rane, b. United States, 1949; See Mark 4:37–40.
  • Woman Taken in Adultery, oil on canvas, 2000, Bruce Hixson Smith, b. United States, 1936; See John 8:2–11.
  • Loaves and Fishes, oil on canvas, 2014, Rose Datoc Dall, b. United States, 1968; See Matthew 14:13–21.

This gallery hosts many original paintings depicting events of the Savior’s ministry. Time to view: 15-20 minutes

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