Conference Center Observation Deck

9:00 AM - 9:00 PM MST
Various people tour the Conference Center. Together they walk outside.
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Location: Conference Center60 North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
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The current seismic renovations of the Salt Lake Temple will ensure that this sacred building is safe and available for people to worship in for many years to come. The observation deck provides a view overlooking the north side of the Salt Lake Temple. This is a busy and complicated construction site with many types of construction activities happening at once.

Visit the Salt Lake Temple Renovation Updates section to see the latest construction updates.

You may notice the following in your view of the temple:

  • All the stone in the towers will be reinforced with steel and grout so they will stay in place during an earthquake.
  • Even granite can be damaged after 150 years in a wall. All the stone will be cleaned and repaired so that it can last another 150 years.
  • Construction crews need to excavate and expose the foundation to know how to fix it. The new foundation will be many feet lower than the historic foundation. New support facilities north of the historic temple will be several stories underground.
  • Historic foundation stones are being repaired so they can withstand an earthquake.
  • A new seismic system installed in the foundation under the historic foundation will help the temple withstand a major earthquake.
  • Large cranes are being used to quickly move large and heavy pieces of the foundation, addition walls, and towers into place.
  • Support areas constructed in the 1960s have been dismantled. New administration and support areas are being built on the north side of the temple, which will include offices and dressing rooms. A new area for temple sealings (or marriages) will be constructed against the north wall of the temple.

Time to view: 10 minutes.

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