Musical Requirements for Act Two

The following table provides information regarding the basic vocal and choral requirements of the production.

Ranges for the soloists are not difficult, with the exception of Joseph’s tenor part in No. 12 “Look on Me This Day—Duet.” Choruses range from unison (all voices singing the melody) to 12 parts. The letters in the table indicate the choral parts for each piece: S=soprano, A=alto, T=tenor, and B=bass. The repetition of letters indicates additional separate voices for that part: SS=2 soprano parts. For instance, SATB=soprano, alto, tenor, and bass parts, while SSSAAATTTBBB=3 soprano parts, 3 alto parts, 3 tenor parts, and 3 bass parts.

Note: To view the script, click the scene segment number. To view the sheet music, click the image ( PDF ) to the right of each title. For optimal performance, it is recommended that Adobe Reader plug-in or later be installed on your computer. To listen to the orchestral accompaniment, click the title or the MP3 image ( MP3 ). To download the MP3, right-click the MP3 image ( MP3 ), select Save Target As, and save the file to your computer.

Scene SegmentPiano-Vocal Score Number and Title Solo VoicesChorus
1.1No. 23 Entr’acteMP3 PDFInstrumental
1.1No. 24: Come, Lord Jesus—Opening of Act TwoMP3 PDFSSAATTBB
1.2No. 25: Where Is He This Morn?MP3 PDFMary Magdalene—mezzoSSA
1.3No. 26: He Is RisenMP3 PDFSSAATTBB
2.1No. 27: AlleluiaMP3 PDFMary older, Mary Magdalene,
Joanna, Salome,
Mary Mother of James—mezzo sopranos
2.2No. 28: Did Not Our Hearts Burn?MP3 PDFCleopas—tenor
2.3No. 29 I Stand All AmazedMP3 PDFInstrumental
2.4No. 30: Do His Will–RepriseMP3 PDFMary older, Mary Magdalene,
Joanna, Salome,
Mary Mother of James—mezzo sopranos
2.4No. 31: Except I Shall See–Part AMP3 PDFThomas—baritone
2.4No. 32 Peter’s WitnessMP3 PDFInstrumental
2.4No. 33: Except I Shall See–Part B (+)MP3 PDFThomas—baritone 
2.5No. 34: He Is Risen/Except I Shall See–Part C (+)MP3 PDFThomas—baritone 
3.1No. 35 Did Not Our Hearts Burn?—RepriseMP3 PDFInstrumental
3.1No. 36: Feed Thy Sheep (+)MP3 PDFJohn, James, Thomas, all Apostles—TTBBSSATTBB
3.2No. 37: Come, Lord Jesus–Finale (+)MP3 PDFUnison
3.2No. 38 Come, Lord Jesus—Curtain CallMP3 PDFInstrumental

+ Because these two pieces are performed without a break, the audio file contains both of them.

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