Act Two, Scene 1

Segment 1.2

(A room in Jerusalem. The light rises on CLEOPAS, a middle-aged disciple, who packs a cloth bag. From offstage we hear the voice of DISCIPLE, his somewhat younger friend.)

DISCIPLE: (heavy knocking) Cleopas! Cleopas!


DISCIPLE: It's me.

CLEOPAS: Shhh. Come in. I'm almost ready.

DISCIPLE: It's over!

CLEOPAS: Yes. That's why we're leaving?

DISCIPLE: No, Cleopas.  You don't understand.  His body, it's gone.



CLEOPAS: Stolen?

DISCIPLE: The tomb was open.

CLEOPAS: Are you certain?

DISCIPLE: Yes.  The seal has been broken.

CLEOPAS: Does Peter know?

DISCIPLE: The women told him. They reported that angels met them at the tomb and said He's risen.

CLEOPAS: Risen?  If only...

DISCIPLE: Cleopas, could He have come back, like Lazarus?

CLEOPAS: Well, Lazarus's body was still in his tomb.  And if Jesus does rise, how would we know?--

DISCIPLE: Whoever took His body is not going to tell us...

CLEOPAS: And besides, we wouldn't be there to help Him and protect Him, as He did Lazarus.  I don't see how He could come back now.

Cleopas and the disciple remember Jesus
DISCIPLE: Cleopas, the Savior could do anything... if He wanted.  He passed through that angry crowd...

CLEOPAS: Yes, and He turned water into wine, and He healed the blind man, and did a lot of wonderful things.  But the one thing He didn't do...and He could have done...He didn't come down from that cross and save Himself.  (beat) Hurry.  I want to get to Emmaus before nightfall.

[Music Cue: "I Stand All Amazed]

DISCIPLE: It's strange...only a week ago He was riding into Jerusalem.  People were waving palms and shouting Hosannas--worshipping HIm as a mighty prophet.  (beat) Isn't that what He said was going to happen?  And didn't He say that in the end He would deliver us?

CLEOPAS: He did say that, and so much more.  But what He meant...I don't know...none of us know.


[Music Cue: “Where Is He This Morn?MP3, PDF ]

DISCIPLE: We know that He was the Messiah.

CLEOPAS: And that's why we will always remember Him.  Come.  Let's go.

(As Cleopas and Disciple exit, fade to black.)


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