Act Two, Scene 2

Segment 2.2

(Cleopas and Disciple run on, breathless.)

DISCIPLE: Cleopas, wait!

CLEOPAS: I can see the lights of Jerusalem! Hurry!

DISCIPLE: I’ve got to rest. We already covered this road once today.

(They come upon a well.)

Cleopas and the disciple at a well
CLEOPAS (drawing water): I know, but if we don’t hurry we may not find the apostles before nightfall. Here, drink. Tell me, when did you first recognize it was Jesus?

DISCIPLE: When He took the bread and blessed it.

CLEOPAS: Yes. It was just like in Galilee, when He fed the five thousand, there was that feeling . . . that . . . .


CLEOPAS: It came back. And we’re as full of joy as we ever were.

DISCIPLE: How could we have been so sad?

CLEOPAS: I called Him a stranger!56

DISCIPLE: Yes! And we walked along telling Him everything that had happened to Him! Why did He come to us?

CLEOPAS: Because He wanted to teach us, to remind us of all that the prophets have spoken.

[Music cue: “Did Not Our Hearts Burn?MP3, PDF ]

DISCIPLE: How could we have been so foolish, so slow to believe? How could we not recognize Him?

Were our eyes holden because of fear?

Could we not see Him for all our tears?

If we had listened beyond His words,

Would we have known now more than we heard?
Did not our hearts burn within us as He walked with us?
Did not He open the scriptures by the way?
Did not He come as promised to even us
To take our sins away?

(Underscore continues.)

DISCIPLE: Cleopas, He knew our hearts. He knew we were sad.

CLEOPAS: Not a sparrow falls to the earth except He knows it.57

CLEOPAS (cont’d)
And if we grieved for what had to be,

And knew not how He had set us free,

He tarried with us until the end,

Till eyes were opened and knees would bend.

(As they continue singing, the space is transformed to the Upper Room.)


56. See Luke 24:18.
57. See Matthew 10:29.

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