Act One, Scene 2

Segment 2.3

(While underscore continues, the scene is transformed into a street in Jerusalem. Ezra runs onto the stage carrying a basket filled with items from the market and bumps into Mary.)

MARY: Oh, excuse me! Are you all right?

EZRA: I’m sorry. I just have to get back to Elisabeth.

MARY: Elisabeth! Is something wrong with the baby?

EZRA: The baby? How do you know about . . . ?

MARY: I’m Elisabeth’s cousin.

EZRA: But she said no one knows.

MARY: And no one does.

EZRA: But you do.

MARY: Yes. And I’m keeping it right here, safe in my heart.15

(Ezra runs off. Mary smiles, filled with joy.)

O Lord, my God, be with me this day,                  
Shed Thy mercy on me,
And keep me in Thy way.
What I feel, what I know,
Leads my heart to say,
I will praise Thy name, I will praise Thy name,
I will praise Thy holy name,
Praise Thy name to all, alway.
Ooo . . .

(Mary exits.)

15. See Luke 2:19.

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