Act One, Scene 3

Segment 3.3

(In Bethlehem. Lights up on Mary, who is resting, heavy with child. Joseph enters, carrying a lamp.)

MARY: Did you find something?

JOSEPH: We have a stable.

MARY: A stable, who would have thought?

JOSEPH: When I think the town’s been full for over a week, Mary . . . His arm is stretched out over us.38

MARY: All flesh is in His hand. But it is strange—wonderful but strange. Our people have waited for the Messiah. “The Messiah will come.” “The Messiah is near.” “The Messiah will deliver us.” And now, here tonight, He comes to just you and me, strangers in this place, unknown. He comes in a stable. How will our people know?

JOSEPH: His Father has sent Him to the earth, He will tell them.

MARY: Yes.

JOSEPH: Come. We must be ready.

[Music cue: “Feed Thy Sheep—Reprise” underscore MP3, PDF ]+

(Joseph helps Mary up. They exit.)

+ Because these two pieces are performed without a break, the audio file contains both of them.


38. See Luke 2:7.

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