Church Music Site Overview

The official Church Music website contains many resources that can help you learn, teach, and use music. Resources on the Church Music site include the following:


The music library is a collection of music available for home or Church use. It contains books such as Hymns and the Children’s Songbook, as well as specific collections serving particular needs, like Music for Youth and Music for Choirs. Click on a book or a collection to see a playlist of the pieces included. Some of the material contained in the library is available in languages other than English.  You can find this music by choosing a language from the language menu, which is on the right side of the page, above the search box.

The Hymns and the Children’s Songbook are both searchable by title, keyword, scripture, or author/composer.

Interactive Player

This interactive music player allows you to view, listen to, transpose, and print the Church hymns and children’s songs. It is intended to help you learn, teach, and enjoy music at church and at home. Once you have selected a song and it is displayed, you can choose to listen to one or more of the singing parts, speed up or slow down the tempo, or change to a higher or lower key. This feature will also allow you to print the music in another key. Listed on the bottom of the right panel are the languages in which a particular piece is available, and where the piece is located in its corresponding hymnbook.


Each piece of music is available for download in a variety of forms. You can download a complete audio file (vocals and music) or piano accompaniment only (music). There is a printed version (PDF) available as well as videos for ASL instruction for some hymns and children’s songs (ASL video .mp4 or .wmv). 

Performance Sample

You can watch and listen to a performance sample of a particular piece by scrolling down to the bottom of the music player. When you click on the sample, you’ll be directed to a performance of this particular hymn or song from a session of general conference. Samples are provided for those songs for which there is a performance available to watch.


Inspirational music can help you feel the Spirit of the Lord. These official guidelines and policies can assist you in using music in Church meetings and at home. Included are frequently asked questions about music callings and appropriate uses for music in meetings, as well as resources and ideas for bringing music into the home. There is information about music training and specific music callings within wards and stakes.

Conducting Music

To begin learning the basic beat patterns and to find more detailed conducting help, study the material in this section, including the Conducting Course book. This course is available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. There are also tips for music directors who are working with children.

Accompanying Others

Some helpful tips for accompanying on the piano, organ, or with the guitar are found in this section. You can view the Keyboard Course in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese.

Submit Music

Here you can find information about submitting your original compositions to the Church for consideration through the annual submission program.

Hymns and Song Texts

This portion of the Music site provides the texts of hymns, children’s songs, and other music found on the site. Use this feature if you’d like to copy and paste the lyrics from a hymn or song into another document or want to do a study of the text alone. The texts are searchable, and the other indexes for Hymns and the Children’s Songbook are listed in the right panel. There is information listed at the end of the text concerning authors, composers, composition dates, and publication.


There is a variety of in-depth information in the Resources section, including instructions on using the hymnbook, music quotes, information about musical productions, and ideas for teaching youth about the power of music.

Savior of the World

Materials, suggestions, and guidelines about producing this musical with your ward, stake, or other organization are provided under Resources in the left menu. Minus tracks, printed music, the script, and other production materials are all downloadable from the site. Also included is an interactive script with live links to music playback and scripture references. Savior of the World is produced in the LDS Conference Center Theater during the Christmas season.

Find a Hymn/Children’s Song

In these two sections you can search for a hymn or song through the multiple indexes on the site.  Click on Find a Hymn or Find a Children’s Song and then choose the index through which you would like to search. The indexes provided are Title and First Line, Author/Composer, Hymn Number, Meter, Title/Tune/Meter, Topic, and Tune Name. These are also listed in the right panel of other site pages to offer quick access to the indexes. Once you choose a hymn or song and click on it, you will be directed to the music player. 

Music Materials

The Music Materials page contains links to direct you to, where you can order needed items. Materials such as the Hymns book, the Children’s Songbook, Hymns Made Easy, and other music sources are available in many languages. Choose the language you need from the language menu in the store site. Some language versions are available in the softcover edition only.